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Customer Service

Design Finds' Pledge:
We value each customer and try our best to satisfy each by offering excellent one-on-one customer service, a great product at excellent prices.We take our time with each order to ensure we handle each customer with care and diligence, therefore, we are not the fastest game in town. If you are under a deadline, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

All our fabrics and fringes are the finest quality from all leading international and domestic mills, brought directly to you at the best possible prices, no exceptions, and with no value or quality taken away just because we reduce prices.


  • Usually 54" wide unless otherwise noted;
  • Usually Multi-Purpose, suitable for drapery, bedding, and in most cases upholstery (please call or email if you question suitable applications);
  • First Quality unless otherwise described;
  • Dry-Cleaning recommended.
  • Multi-functional
  • Fabric gluable or sewable
  • Dry-Clean ONLY, unless specifically produced and described as washable
All sales are final due to the custom nature of cutting fabrics and trims for individuals.
EXCEPTIONS: When a piece is 15 yards or more, we MAY be able to accept it back with a restocking fee and with store credit. We reserve the right to make the exceptions on an individual determination basis, and to decline if we feel we cannot take an item back.
SO...Please be absolutely certain of your purchase...see SAMPLES below.

Since all sales are final, you need to be certain of your purchase. We will send 6" fabric samples (2" x 6") for $3.00 (postage included).
Fringe samples are approximately 2 -3 inches long, except in the case of tassel fringe, which comes one to two tassels long (enough to display color).

IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN, we strongly recommend that you order a one-yard piece of fabric or trim so that you really get the full effect of the pattern and colors. Remember, that is enough that you can put it to good use on your project, like make a pillow from it or use it for welting.


Quantities of All Fabrics and Trims are Priced and Sold by the YARD (36" per yard).
Decorator tables, home decor items, and most notions are sold packaged individually.

Shipping charges are calculated individually and are based on weight/volume and your zip code.
Fabrics average 10-25% of the total ticket amount, as they are heavier, while fringes weigh less so are less per yard to ship. We will email you or call you with the shipping charges.
We strive to always offer you the best prices possible, and that includes your shipping costs, so whenever possible we will combine rolls to save you money.

Quantities listed in the website are not necessarily accurate, as it does not reflect real-time sales reductions here at our physical location.

We do our best to update internet stock, but it is possible we do not have quantity available in-stock for your purchase. We will email confirmation of your order and approximate ship date. If stock is good, orders will ship in 4-6 business days; back-orders may occur on out-of-stock items, of which we will advise you

REMEMBER: Just because you don't see it doesn't mean we don't have it! Please Contact Us for any fabric you seek even if we do not represent it on the web site; chances are we DO have what you're looking for in our store, or if not that we can get it. If you have any comments or questions, please Email Us us as we are always happy to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE, PLACING AN ORDER DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD! Please know that each order is personally received and handled by our store's owner, Rennae.

We are real people, running a real store...and we really care about you and each of your orders!